A Phone Call from Melbourne

It is 1:00 PM in Vietnam and I am on bed watching TV after hours of teaching. I heard my phone ringing, and then I took it to see who was calling. It was strange that I noticed the unpopular phone number with +26 at the beginning. Someone was asking me “Is that Huy speaking? I tried to guess who was asking me, but I did attempt to reply and to maintain the conversation. It turned out that my former teacher was talking to me. I was so embarrassed that I didn’t spoke smoothly in Vietnamese. The topic of our conversation is about “BOOK”. I have established an English club for students to learn and share, then my teacher joined one day. He posted comments and new entry for the students to discuss and exchange ideas. He used to create a contest for us to learn about Faculty of Foreign Languages. He sent two black & white photos illustrated first professors at school of foreign languages in Thai Nguyen. One of my students recognized all the teachers in the photos (now they are quite old or retire already). My former teacher promised to give her a prize, that is, a book for encouragement. The problem is that he was working far from us thousands of kilometers by car and the book he wanted to give was out of stock. Time flies! I thought he forgot that story for months. But we talked about it today. He ordered 10 copies from an online retailer, then called me to get my mailing address. I felt moved so I wrote something to share. I felt moved because of a promise. !!!!





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