English Teaching Fair for Secondary Teachers

English Teaching Fair is an innovated training method for teacher training program at Faculty of Foreign Languages, TNU. With a strong belief that local teachers need to be empowered to share their ideas and thoughts, problems and solutions, they will solve the coming problems. We can not teach anyone, but we can create the conditions for them to learn…!

In this fair, teachers are informed to prepare a power-point/poster presentation in 10 minutes to share what they have done in teaching English to adolescents. Interestingly, many novel ideas/methods have been utilized by teachers in Thai Nguyen and Bac Giang. They shared their experiences implementing project-based learning. Mr. Thao, a popular teacher, at Doc Lap Secondary School said: “I started introducing project-based learning to my students, and they are eager to learn. At the beginning of school year, I look at the topics in the textbook and ask students to choose one to make a guide book or a poster, even a digital story to apply what they have learn in class.”

More interestingly, a FEMALE teacher from Bac Giang demonstrated how she uses 3D model in teaching and reviewing vocabulary for students. I have to admit that her IT skills are much better than us at the university. I am so happy because I highly valued local teachers right from the beginning of the course. They have been taking many workshops by British Council and other professional organizations. We can not train them with our minimum knowledge and experience, but we can work with them, encourage them to share and learn from one another.



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