English Curriculum Development – The Project

I am working on a course outline for English Curriculum Development to be offered this semester as a component of teacher education program. It is really demanding and abstract. That’s why a hands-on project will be my priority for students’ learning outcomes. 

Looking for a lot of stuffs on the internet and books, I try to draft a few things for project so that I can go back later when I need.

A Rationale is something we must have for a course, including the overall educational goals.

A curriculum plan describing intended learning outcomes for the course, prioritized according to importance, to be expressed in formats that may include a lot of things.

An instructional plan describing what each unit is about, how it fits into the overall organization of units, what learning outcomes each unit is intended to accomplished, and what general teaching strategies could be used in each unit to accomplish the intended learning outcomes (ILOs)

An evaluation plan describing behavioral indicators for each high-priority intended learning outcomes (main effects), together with a list of some unintended, undesirable learning outcomes (side effects)

Course materials including course introductions, course outlines, and central questions.

However, to be able to embark on the planning process, developers need motivation and understandings.


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