Is Your Lesson Plan Sharable?

ImageWorking with in-service teachers here in Bac Kan, we had great times together preparing reading lesson plans. We all know that lesson plan is for teachers to teach better. In other words, it is a plan for what teachers are going to do in actual class. We can not teach well without lesson preparation. However, what I am trying to point out here is that lesson plan should be viewed as a tool for professional development. I asked teachers whether they have ever shared their lesson plans or not. They all regard lesson plans as a “must” for senior supervision, that is, their superior managers may check for quality assurance. I propose a novel way for professional development: sharable lesson plan. We should aim at digital lesson plan to share with other teachers easily and systematically. In the remote areas, regular meetings may be the best choice for teachers to exchange and sell their ideas for better teaching and learning…..


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