Journal Writing – Activate your Students’ Brain

It is very difficult for teachers to engage students in theoretical lectures because they put a lot of weight on their speaking. We don’t know how much students can retain the information after the lectures finish. As in my course on Primary English Language Teaching, there are a lot of things to cover including learning theories, second language acquisition, and brain-based research…, but I realize that my students easily forget the information after a few days. The evidence is that they can not get all the correct answer for the quizzes given when a module finishes. I have learned that we can ask students to make a presentation in groups so that they can gauge into what they are doing, but we face a new challenge: students doesn’t work equally. Some are more active than the others. Therefore, a new approach must be introduced to activate real learning among students.

As a part of the assessment for the course, I promised to offer bonus scores for any students who write weekly journal on the same platform. I started a platform/blog with [] so that all my students can blog on the same one. A good thing is that the blog allows students to write and share with any friends online which gives them more motivation to express themselves. As a result, students are more hard working and serious, they spend more time reading the given materials and keep thinking about what they intend to write. That is the moment true learning really happens. Apart from activating their passive vocabulary, students do learn the contents of the course.

This project are in progress, and I do hope that my students will find it interesting and meaningful…. 


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