Shaping the Way You Teach & Talk – Visual Learning

It is the fact that we have been suffered from death-by-bullet PowerPoint for ages. People insisted on putting words or key words on the slides to show that they are innovative and modern. However, we have never paid attention to the reaction and feedback from the audience. We do not know how they retain information with mediocre and uninteresting presentations. In this article, I am going to share a few resources that I have utilized for designing a talk or lecture. A good model for active learning will help you to maximize the quality of learning from the open sources on the internet.

The first presentation below will teach you the basics on how to make your slides visual via the selection of fonts, photos and symbols. It also provides resources for you to employ, for instance, we can get a lot of symbols from or search for high definition photos from with creative commons liscense. Slideshare & Note and Point are of great significance for those who want to learn more.

The following presentations will assist you more with ideas and motivation to make a start.

Happy Learning


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