My First Webinar at the International Teleconference to Come

It is very glad to inform you all about the first teleconference on ICT in ELT in Vietnam 2012.

With the advent of free online tools and applications (Web 2.0), language learners now have many opportunities to express their ideas and connect with people all over the world. In this webinar, I am going to share lessons learned from different online projects implementing with web 2.0 including social network integration (Facebook, Ning site, Forum…) and collaborative tools (skype, Google docs, Dropbox…). An overview of Web 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0:

Are you a digital native or immigrant? •

Blended learning: a “must’, but “how”: E-learning -> M-learning -> U-learning •

Facebook: English only zone (how to promote English learning with FB) •

Ning: An educational platform (blog, photo, video, online project) •

Skype for group meeting and chatting •Teaching writing with Google docs/Wordpress (Collaborative writing) •

Collaborative work with Dropbox (Group project) •

Final thoughts: Motivation for change This presentation will update language teachers on current trends in ICT and offer pratical ideas for them to try out in their own teaching context. If you are interested in, please arrange time to join the conference.

More information, please get it here:



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