This is the video submitted to Amazing Minds 2013 Scholarship in September 30, 2012. I did not intend to share this, but I think the video may be useful for language learning in that students can create a video introducing themselves and then post it on the educational platform for language and culture exchange.

In this video, I used blackboard as the main background to put ideas on. That also implies a lot of things; chalk and blackboard symbolize professions in education. As a teacher, I implicitly made use of the teaching tool to express my ideas.  The font is also in hand written style, I want to focus on a new approach, that is, we think on paper or board. Ideas are from students’ or teachers’  mind, not from technology or tools available.

I have used Proshow Producer 5 to create the video, but the amazing thing is that I took Powerpoint 2007 as an image editting program. I could crop, color, shape the photos with Powerpoint and then save them as pictures. This is a great tool for presentation design. Corel Draw X5 was for the map and other special drawings in the video….


3 thoughts on “AMAZING MINDS 2013 – PHUNG HUY EDU

  1. It IS amazing minds! I thought about it but failed myself a long time ago. Wow! This really opens my mind! Thanks and good luck

  2. It is really good. Although I don’t understand all things you want to share. But I understand your message. It is a good way for us to introduce ourselves. It ‘ll attract to the employer

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