A Learning Revolution with SlideShare

I have talked a lot about the applications of Web 2.0 and the social media, but this is the first time I would like to share this social network for presenters and speakers around the world: SlideShare.

It came to me by chance. I don’t remember when I ‘ve learned of this site, but I did find interesting information in this one. I have spent hundreds of hours viewing the featured presentations uploaded in SlideShare, just as I did with TED.com. The reason why I am addicted to it is that it always addresses my taste of curiosity. When I am working on a certain topic, a number of presentations will appear in the scroll so that I can learn endlessly. This is also one of the tag functions in most websites. When you are working on something, a range of similar stuffs will display for you to read more.

Like other networks, we can write comments, favourite or download  slides from the SlideShare easily. This will empower users to get the best from the experts and the best practitioners. I have followed this channel, and whenever he put a new presentation, I get an email. Here are amazing slides from him…

Let’s create an account to learn the best!!! Change the way you make presentations!


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