Google Drive & Skype for Collaborative Tasks

When I am writing this stuff, my students have finished a task together while they are sitting at home. Technology is amazing for people to work far from one another. I was invited to join a skype conversation with a group of students (partners) for a big contest in December. We talked about the preparation and all related tasks. It was hard to talk and record the main points from the discussion. Then we came up with an idea of using Google Drive to continue the task. It is easy to create a spreadsheet on Google Drive, then to add more users so that a task can be completed collaboratively. We decided to brainstorm a to-do-list. Everyone would type any ideas in their mind to make a successful contest. After a moment, we had everything done. That’s wonderful!!!!

What we have done!

In terms of language learning, we can give student a task, and then ask them to complete in groups with the help of technology like Skype and Google Drive. I used to set up a program for students from Vietnam to exchange with students from the US. But it seems that we were not successful because they didn’t find it interesting. It will be more interactive and motivating if students can use skype for speaking while they have to get something done. …


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