When I was an undergraduate, I started learning how to use computer and access to the internet for the first time. As a result, I was addicted. However, I was not capable of developing a website on my own yet. At that time, my fellows were the big fans of myspace and yahoo and they did a lot of bloggings.  I thought I ought to do something, but I found those services complicated and inflexible. Then, I came across wordpress as an alternative which allowed me to create a weblog with a short URL. I registered for an account and started my website at phunghuy.wordpress.com, easy to remember? The only reason I adhered to wordpress at that time was its simplicity and generosity. It is simple because I could have a short URL, and it is generous because I could have as many blogs as possible. Today, wordpress could be the biggest blogging service provider and was ranked 6th of top 100 tool for learning 2014 by Jane Hart, the Founder of the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT). Intuition works!

I did not have a specific theme to blog about, so I simply added up what I found interesting. The first post could be about the significance of belonging and community as I was inspired by an article elsewhere and reflected on my own role as a class leader. I stopped writing for around 2 years until I began to work as a full-time instructor for Thai Nguyen University (TNU). I restarted sharing my classroom reflections and experiences as a teacher and a trainer. At the same time, I have created several blogs (up to 10) for different purposes (Primary ELT, PedaDesign, ELT Curriculum, CEC Journal and ELTiCenter…)

I have decided to reorganize this weblog to focus more on the issues of foreign language education including language learning, teaching and assessment. As I worked as a facilitator in many in-service teacher training programs, I realized that I should set up a space to share with them the necessary resources from my selection and curation. I also want to share with learners about the learning tips and facts so that they, in some ways, could shape their own plan to learn a foreign language successfully. To that end, most of my posts would be in Vietnamese.

What I write here should be viewed as my own shallow opinions and perspectives over the complicated issues. I hope that you (readers) also keep that in mind to give me feedback and constructive comments so that a more dynamic dialogue could be nurtured for deeper understanding and cooperation.

For further exchange, you can reach me at phunghuy-dot-elt-at-gmail-dot-com.


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